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Sabatino “Sabby” Piscitelli (born August 24, 1983) is an American professional wrestler and former American football safety signed to WWE, using the name Tino Sabatelli. He was originally drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the second round (64th overall) of the 2007 NFL Draft. He played collegiately at Oregon State. He has also played for the Cleveland Browns and Kansas City Chiefs... Read More??

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In this episode of Breaking Ground, Tino was spotted talking with Baron Corbin before Corbin’s match talking about how this is a new challenge for him unlike NFL, where both of them are the elite there but novice here in the NXT.

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In this episode of Breaking Ground, we spot Tino in the beginner’s class and also working extremely harder after messing up on a live event last week. Tino was also called up to watch his own match with the coaches to evaluate his performance for points of improvement.

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In this episode of Breaking Ground, Coaches meeting and they were impressed by Tino Sabbatelli’s showing during last week’s Performance Center matches. They book him in a match against Apollo Crews and say it’s time for Tino to show them what he has.

After that, we see Sabbatelli walks around in an expensive sports car and talk about how putting him in a match against Crews is a vote of confidence from the coaches. I’m having a flash-back to last week’s episode where Tye Dillinger told Tino people were going to hate him just because of the way he looks, dresses and stuff. Well Tye was absolutely right, this thing works, I already hate the guy and I haven’t even seen him wrestle yet. Speaking of wrestling, it’s match time and the soap bubble quickly bursts for Tino as trainers are looking at him struggle in the ring. On top of that he takes a very strange bump following a Crews dropkick that has Matt Bloom shaking his head. Backstage, Tino thinks he has done well, but Bloom quickly disabuse him by telling him all he has done wrong. His punches are ridiculed, or like Vince would say (according to Bloom), men throw punches. Oh so you mean those awkward hand gestures Cena has been throwing around for years are actually punches? I never knew. But most importantly, that awkward bump draws the ire of the former Lord Tensai. Apollo could have been injured and Bloom wants none of that. A bit later Bloom tells a dejected Tino he’s being send back to coach Robbie Brookeside’s beginner’s classes.

Corbin tells Tino his match really had issues and that he has to take all criticism and learn from it because that’s what he’s still doing even after three years of hard work. Tino admits he looks up to Corbin. (credit: insidepulse.com)

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